A timeline of the planet Midgard's history in Sakura Ruin Chronicles.

Dawn of Creation: 0 - 4 (Population: 0)Edit

The Dawn of Creation saw the beginning of the Zion Experiment, a virtual star system revolving around a single populated world, designed to test the potential of artificial life when placed in a paradise world of science fantasy and told very little of their origins, on a countdown of 44,444 perceived years, with minimum interference from "admins". An additional function referred to as the "Emerald Aspect" was placed into the program to first confound the inhabitants of the planet Midgard, but also to allow the few exceptional AI that learned everything they could to break the proverbial "fourth wall" and understand the truth about what they are, and what the Zion Experiment is, should they ever gain the wisdom to access it. These AI, referred to as "humans" though not strictly human, were divided into seven races to begin with - Neokin, Dæmons, Ynterens, Alvoriels, Felcubians, Lofterrans and Velox. Each fundamentally similar, and balanced in their diversity. They were placed at random on the five nations of Midgard's northern continent Zhǔyào - Yntera, Mulciber, Felcubia, Geomontis and Lemuria, across the ocean of Enupten from the forbidden southern continent referred to as the Greylands.


December 18th: Zion Program Launched.


February 11th: Zion System created.


August 23rd: Midgard default created.


January 14th: Humans created.


November 19th: Experiment begins.

Chulsaeng Period: 4 - 813 (Population: 20,000,000)Edit

The Chulsaeng period saw the creation of the Robo-Machina, humankind's first achievement in creation. It also saw breakthroughs in the understanding of basic technology & weaponry, and the population of Midgard quickly soared.


August 3rd: Robo-Machina created for labour.

Kúgun Period: 813 - 2415 (Population: 40,200,000)Edit

In the Kúgun Period, predictable results came true as the Felcubians quickly disrupted the peace and declared themselves the despotist rulers of Midgard, and forced the other races into slavery. The Lofterrans showed cowardice and selfishness as they abandoned their fellow man and retreated to their island home of Lofterra. The rule was not to last, however, as Felcubia's paranoid Pharaoh began to go against all advice from his underlings and commenced a magick ritual to summon a gigantic tumour-like warhead beneath Felcubia, referred to as "Hammerhead", that would destroy Midgard if detonated. However, the terrifying karma principle of magick was revealed to the people for the first time, as the price for forging a weapon to destroy a planet cost the lives of every Felcubian in Midgard, instantly annihilating the whole race.


March 18th: Felcubia's government declares their race rulers of the world; enslaves other races.


April 22nd: Lofterrans retreat to Lofterra; abandon Midgard.


December 14th: Felcubian Pharaoh begins magick ritual to construct Hammerhead.


January 2nd: Felcubians wiped out from existence.

Jaegeon Period: 2415 - 8259 (Population: 68,400,000)Edit

The Jaegeon period saw the remaining races of Midgard recovering from the turmoil they had been thrust into by the Felcubians, and steadily restoring their world amid the ensuing chaos caused by losing an entire race and therefore a large portion of order. After a century of panic and struggle, the Ynteren Empire rose up again and established a stable link between the four remaining nations, restoring power and resources across Midgard and commencing reconstruction of the world's shattered image. Over the course of two centuries, Yntera were able to create a risky, but stable, system of separating the five races evenly across the world - Ynterens gathering in their native home of Yntera to the east, Dæmons to Mulciber in the north, Alvoriels to Geomontis in the west, and the larger portion of Neokin in Lemuria to the south. Typical attitudes of aggressive racism came to pass in the wake of Felcubia's betrayal, but with Yntera seizing a firm but fair grip on the world's political order, all forms of racism and racial prejudice were quickly outlawed, and each nation and its new native race were able to quickly rebuild their world and establish balanced order, overseen by the wise Imperial council. However, the Ynterens chose to abandon the former title of Emperor for their ruler, instead choosing to spit in the face of Felcubia's ignorance and claim their ruler's title of Pharaoh when acting in a national capacity. A second title came to this Pharaoh when acting in the capacity of the world ruler, referred to as the "Imperator Globus".


September 8th: Yntera re-establishes communications & order; creates peaceful stability.


March 19th: Racial balance in each nation completely established.

Heiwa Period: 8259 - 19641 (Population: 136,800,000)Edit

The largest and fastest jump in population yet required existing cities to be greatly expanded, and four new ones to be built to accomodate a realistic potential increase in future population. These efforts required more intelligent, capable assistance than was previously available, and the research & development records of those who originally constructed robo-machina were quickly adapted into a new project to improve the old units both physically and in terms of artificial intelligence, giving them the ability to make their own decisions. However, as they grew more educated over time, the andro-machina began to stray from their orders and band together, demanding equal rights as citizens. Over the course of 17 years, the andro-machina's cries were slowly heard until they were granted the same civil liberties as other humans, and demanded their robo-machina brethren seen as mindless slaves to all be decommissioned in exchange for using their "natural" abilities to assist in reconstructing Midgard to its former glory. Robo-Machina were all successfully shut down and disposed of, and andro-machina were assigned as the new native race of Lemuria as millions of neokin began to relocate to various parts of Midgard, spreading themselves out as the most common but most evenly-populated race, leaving Lemuria in the capable hands of the andro-machina. In addition, the highly versatile alloy "Ynterium" was discovered by the Pharaoh Milus Chanbara, allowing new and more powerful weapons and industrial machinery to be produced. In the later years widespread panic once again ensued as experiments to produce a performance-enhancing drug meant for soldiers was compromised, and the two strains of synthetic bacterial life forms meant as symbiotes mutated into malicious viruses with two sets of different traits, and escaped the development centre. They were found to die after a few hours' contact with oxygen, but in the time that process took, they were able to infect a wide selection of individuals who quickly mutated into confused, often violent new appearances. The two strains infected only neokin, having not the strength to defeat the immune systems of other races, and transformed them into what were deemed "lycanthropes" that lusted for violence and conflict, made more powerful by exposure to moonlight, and "vampires" that controlled their violent behaviours by sating themselves on the consumption of human blood, though rapidly dehydrated and crippled by exposure to sunlight. The situation was quickly contained once understanding of several captured subjects was understood, and as the number of infectees was relatively low, provisions to allow the infected to live in relative peace with humans were put in place globally, establishing lycanthropes and vampires as diseased mutations of neokin to be monitored and acknowledged as still being human.


July 20th: Dream Cities constructed to accomodate population boom.


January 4th: Andro-Machina created for labour.


April 12th: Andro-Machina civil rights campaign begins.


May 9th: Andro-Machina civil rights granted; Robo-Machina all decommissioned.


December 2nd: Milus Chanbara is born.


February 15th: Milus Chanbara invents Ynterium.


April 24th: Milus Chanbara dies (212), old age.


November 27th: Lycanthrope & vampire viruses unleashed; panic ensues.


December 1st: Lycans & vampires contained & given civil rights.

Kemajuan Period: 19641 - 37528 (Population: 273,600,000)Edit

The Kemajuan period was the longest in Midgard's history and played host to a large number of battles and shifts in the balance of power among lesser men. In an early event caused by a bio-terrorism group, a synthetic virus referred to as the Dread virus was unleashed in Midgard, infecting neokin with extraordinarily weak immune systems. While this virus was derived from stolen R&D records of the lycanthrope & vampirism viruses, it had been modified and actually claimed its victims' lives within two weeks of infection, with no known cure, mutating their corpses within hours of death into a new "optimized" form, and reanimating them with all their memories intact, but left with a zombie-like new body. Taking lessons from those who had campaigned for lycanthropes & vampires to be understood, the governments of the world deemed Kansen to not be directly responsible for infection, and to not be a threat, allowing them to exist in the same capacity as lycanthropes & vampires. Several millenia later, Midgard was once again thrown into darkness as a morokinetic named Shigeru Tamayoru was born and quickly gave into the temptation of power that comes with morokinesis. At the age of 27 he gave himself to the madness and power of morotera, and began a bloody rampage in the city of Hazard in Yntera, slaughtering every last citizen. The Ynteren Empire mobilized the rest of their military forces and launched an attack against Shigeru, who could no longer be allowed to exist. From December 28th to February 6th they waged an all-out campaign dubbed the "Solar War" against Shigeru, who single-handedly dominated their entire military force until being finally slain by the sword master Yagami brothers Lance & Odin. The war had cost the lives of approximately two thirds of the Ynteren population, and in an attempt to quickly cushion the impact this would have on the world economy until Yntera would be able to repopulate, Lemurian engineers rushed to complete their long-developed work on a third iteration of machina: Bio-Machina, a version of machina designed to simulate organic life through detailed internal machinery, a more natural exoskeletal "Shell" and more advanced AI that replicated the feelings and emotions of a human. They were quickly released into society a mere 40 years after the end of the Solar War, with 10% living in Mulciber, 10% in Geomontis, 40% with andro-machina in Lemuria, and the remaining 40% cushioning Yntera's population drop and allowing the Ynterens to steadily re-populate. A few millenia later, when Yntera's population had reached levels to warrant it, the city of New Hazard was rebuilt to the north, commemorating the city that was brought to ruin and left uninhabitable by Shigeru. Toward the latter millenia of the Kemajuan period, the legendary heroes Seth Tamayoru & Mocha Milch were born, along with their allies & associates.


June 5th: Dread virus unleashed.


February 18th: Kansen infectees deemed safe; given civil rights & support activism.


January 9th: Lance Yagami & Odin Yagami are born.


June 28th: Shigeru Tamayoru is born.


March 15th: Lapis Lacrima is born.


December 21st: Shigeru Tamayoru begins rampage.

December 23rd: Hazard massacred, Lapis Lacrima dies (14), starvation.

December 28th: Solar War begins.


February 6th: Shigeru Tamayoru dies (29) killed by Lance Yagami & Odin Yagami. Solar War ends (Casualties: 22,000,000).


March 15th: Lapis Lacrima is reborn as Rakshasa Manushya.


April 10th: Bio-Machina created; released into society.


October 15th: New Hazard constructed.


November 26th: Sienna Tamayoru is born.


September 12th: Mocha Milch is born.


July 6th:Yoshi Feng is born.

August 23rd: Lauren Yamaguchi is born.


January 3rd: Mei-Lin Zhu is born.

June 28th: Seth Tamayoru is born.

August 1st: Renge Hayashi is born.

September 12th: Chris Helsing & Louise Helsing are born.

September 19th: Mocha Milch moves to Camelot, Yntera; enters the Military Academy.


November 9th: Akane Gadwin is born.


March 19th: Car accident - Elena Gadwin dies (92); Maverick Gadwin disappears, presumed dead. Akane Gadwin is adopted by Kamen Marlbara.


April 2nd: Vertiga Pendragon is born.


February 5th: Seth Tamayoru masters Mulciber Demonic style.


July 13th: Akane Gadwin is adopted by the Tamayoru family.


August 3rd: Akane Gadwin's shell is destroyed & replaced; forms bond with Seth Tamayoru.


April 14th: Red Valhalla occurs (Casualties: 170). Seth Tamayoru's hair turns white. Sienna Tamayoru goes missing, presumed dead.

September 1st: Seth Tamayoru & Akane Gadwin enter Brass Cloud High School; Akane skips ahead three academic years.


April 2nd: Akane Gadwin masters Mulciber Demonic style.


January 3rd: Eshana Mehra is born.

March 13th: Ken-Zhi Malik is born.

May 20th: Vertiga Pendragon masters Pendragon Gunblade style.


January 18th: Lauren Yamaguchi dies (18), killed by Renge Hayashi.

April 5th: Renge Hayashi dies (17), accidental fall.


March 1st: Satoshi Tamayoru dies (208).

May 17th: Seth Tamayoru buys land with inheritance from Satoshi Tamayoru.

July 22nd: Vertiga Pendragon develops Acrobat & Executioner stances.


August 3rd: Seth Tamayoru forms the Dividing Line.


December 2nd: Winter Seed formed.

June 9th: Vertiga Pendragon incorporates Ynteren Military style into skill set.


November 20th: Ken-Zhi Malik & Eshana Mehra adopted by Seth & Akane.

August 3rd: Vertiga Pendragon incorporates Geomontis Elven style into skill set.


June 28th: Vertiga Pendragon joins the Dividing Line.


January 12th: Dividing Line framed for assassination of the Lady of Sen'Kodremir.

January 14th: Dividing Line sentence to execution; saved by Winter Seed.

January 15th: Dividing Line given refuge by Geomontis.

September 17th: Yoshi Feng dies (28), suicide. Red General Chylte dies (79), killed by Yoshi Feng.

November 7th: Akane Gadwin presumed dead due to plague, placed in cryostasis.

November 9th: Seth Tamayoru disappears.


January 12th: NWO take over world.

August 26th: NWO destroyed by Setsuna Goldfire.


May 1st: Seth Tamayoru returns.

May 4th: Mocha Milch ascended to Emerald Aspect.

August 26th: Red Guild destroyed by Ynteren Military.

September 1st: Dallas Shrike dies (39), killed by Cider Marlbara.

November 22nd: Maverick Gadwin dies (4713), killed by Seth Tamayoru.


January 11th: Soul Cauldron created.

November 5th: Cider Marlbara dies (63), suicide. New Sins released.

December 2nd: Vertiga Pendragon leaves The Dividing Line.


November 23rd: Vertiga Pendragon is stranded in the Greylands, masters Stalwart stance.


December 10th: Vertiga Pendragon returns to The Dividing Line.


August 28th: Akane Gadwin is reactivated.


January 7th: Helsing Corporation burned down.


September 21st: Benjirō Tamayoru is stillborn.

33406 Edit

November 8th: Nimue Tamayoru is born.


May 10th: Gawaine Tamayoru is born.


June 24th: Chris Helsing dies (111), suicide.


March 13th: Mei-Lin Zhu dies (136), old age.


July 9th: Louise Helsing dies (192), murdered.


September 3rd: Seth Tamayoru dies (224), old age.


February 12th: Akane Gadwin fails an assassination attempt on Mocha Milch.


September 1st: Akane Gadwin dies (267), old age. 178600000

Danketsu Period: 37528 - 44444 (Population: 535,800,000)Edit


August 16th: Proto-Machina created; released into society.


February 5th: Anju Tamayoru is born.


January 9th: Project L.E.G.E.N.D greenlit.

March 20th: Mocha Milch summons Seth Tamayoru from Heaven as part of project L.E.G.E.N.D.


May 13th: Dracula dies (32931), killed by Seth Tamayoru.

World End: 44444 - 44445 (Population: 4)


January 1st: The Sakura Ruin begins.


January 1st: The Sakura Ruin ends; civilization is destroyed, experiment concluded. 

Mocha Milch uses Sands of Time to rewind history to August 4th, 33338.

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