Raden Emas Sebastian "Seth" Alexander de Tamayōru III
"A degree of power is necessary, but fighting spirit is the only sword that can take down a god"


Olympic Bloodhound, The Destroyer, Setsuna Goldfire




Tuven 28th, 29972













Threat Level:


World Rank:


Known Relatives:

Alexander Tamayoru (Father), Nicola Tamayoru (Mother), Miyu Tamayoru (Grandmother), Neil Tamayoru (Younger Brother), Sienna Tamayoru (Older Sister), Benjirō Tamayoru (Son), Gawaine Tamayoru (Son), Nimue Tamayoru (Daughter), Challenger Tamayoru (Younger Cousin)


Vertiga Pendragon


The Dividing Line, Winter Seed, Republic Of Geomontis

Primary Discipline:


Secondary Discipline:


Tertiary Discipline:


Inspirational Music:

Crush 40 - All The Way

Vocal Inspiration (EN):

David Boreanaz

Vocal Inspiration (JP):

Masakazu Morita

Seth is the central protagonist of the Sakura Ruin project.


Seth is a renowned blacksmith / engineer operating out of Olympus, Mulciber. He is reluctantly the current heir to the Tamayōru estate, and lives & works with his adopted sister Akane Gadwin as a prætorian for hire, in his shop "The Dividing Line".

Material Collection Information

  • Hobbies: Playing the komabue, reclamation.
  • Items: Senken Tokei, lighter, Tamayōru family amulet, Deadheart Ring (shield), cellphone.
  • Likes: Adrenaline, money, ice cream (particularly strawberry), sex.
  • Dislikes: Boredom, koalas, romantic commitment.


Seth has a rather childish attitude, for the most part acting self-centered, eccentric and often arrogant, living mostly for pleasure and thrill. He always speaks his mind, and tries to do right by everyone in his own way. He is slow to trust people, and as such has few friends, but in his habit of presenting himself as a hero figure, will go out of his way to ensure evil is punished and the innocent are defended. He is obsessed with protecting Akane and will do anything to give her a happy life, despite Akane being fully capable of taking care of herself. Seth's iron will and overconfidence lead him into heaps of trouble, often getting into unnecessary fights and conflicts. However, no one can deny he is the best at what he does, even if his methods are sometimes a little extreme as he lives by the idea that "the ends justify the means". He will never kill a human unless in self-defence, preferring to send evil people to be punished by law, but he has no qualms with delivering a firm beatdown or inflicting serious injuries. This is further evidence of how Seth regularly pulls his punches against evil enemies, having a severely unstable personality kept in check by Akane's existence, as she acts like sort of a limiter on his emotions. In battle, he has no qualms about fighting as dirty as possible, though under dueling regulations he will adhere to the rules as loosely as he can possibly get away with. This is down to his other personal philosophy, "If you're fighting for your life, you do whatever you can to survive. If you lose a fight, you've still got everything else. But if you die, you've got nothing". Seth is also shown to be rather humble in his means, as despite being aristocracy, he chooses to live beneath his means by only spending money on Mulcibian technology. This is due in part to his feeling of shame for having more wealth than most Mulcibians, and not wanting to feel patronizing when assisting those in need.


Seth appears as a handsome, feminine male demon with wild dark maroon hair and piercing orchid eyes decorated with black eyeliner and black eye shadow, adding to his muscular yet feminine charm. His most notable physical traits are the giant spike of hair that extends from the top of his head like a horn, and the series of scars along each of his third knuckles. He was born with maroon hair, but during Red Valhalla, the trauma turned his hair permanently white. Now, he dyes it back to its original maroon colour on a regular basis. In his battle armour, Seth wears a black leather vest, one brass spaulder, a brass & leather armband, black & white bracers, a pair of brass knuckledusters, a grey scarf with a novelty zip, baggy white trousers with a customized belt, and large brass-capped boots. His spaulder contains a series of three cyberkinetic seals operated by a valve crank that limit his arcane power when worn, to prevent him losing control of his spellcasting ability. The more power Seth summons, the hotter his body gets, and a heat gauge attached to the right side of his chest will then send heat energy to the steam boiler on the back of his vest, which releases steam through a whistle at the top, growing increasingly louder as Seth's body gets hotter, eventually becoming as loud as a freight train and changing from steam to smoke.

Powers and Abilites

  • Primary Discipline: Parakinetic Artes
  • Secondary Discipline: Pugilism
  • Tertiary Discipline: Mêlée
  • Quaternary Discipline: Firearms

Seth is extremely talented in unarmed combat and spellcasting, using these in equal measure. He has mastered the Mulciber Demonic fighting style, and learned a few Lemuria Machina style techniques on the side. In battle, Seth fights with a fluid balance of fire-based attacks, preferring punching but being able to kick just as effectively. He has a variety of different techniques at his disposal, and his vast knowledge of the pyrocana combines with the battle rhythm only he and Akane have memorized to make him highly unpredictable. However, he is easily led by Shigeru's residual madness into quickly succumbing to demon rage, meaning that if a fight drags on too long, Seth can quickly get increasingly frustrated & aggressive, in contrast with his stoic patience out of combat. He has also mastered his inherent demonic ability to transform into a Hellion. A major weakness is Seth's inability to use firearms - For reasons unknown, his shooting ability is virtually nonexistent. As a result, his ranged combat abilities are limited to his reach with throwing spells.

Images of Seth

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