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Welcome to the Screampunk Arts Wiki - Putting the laughter back in slaughter since 2014.

A Wiki for all things Screampunk!

I'm a freelance artist utilizing a blend of manga & western styles. I pride myself on detail, accuracy and correcting inconsistencies where I find them, as well as taking clichés and over-used concepts and refreshing them with new innovation.

I'm a total fangirl of BlazBlue, Digimon and Resident Evil, so a lot of my fan-work may revolve around those.

Thank you for visiting, and please enjoy yourself.

Peace, love & happiness for everyone~!

-Rin Satsu 殺凜。


Commissions are currently closed, but please consider supporting me on Patreon to receive monthly rewards!

If you want to propose a long-term project, feel free to contact me via e-mail so we can discuss it.


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The content herein is FICTION. Images and concepts that have no effect on reality, and only pose a threat to those who are too stupid and absorbed in their own bubble to understand the difference.

By viewing it, you understand that you are exposing yourself to material deemed potentially "offensive" by common definition, and that's your own fault. It's not my job to police what you see, it's yours. So if you're offended - and no one actually cares if you are - that's your own problem, your own fault, and you should take responsibility & not view things that upset you. I take my measures, you should take yours. I didn't ask you to view my work; you saw it of your own accord and I accept no responsibility for YOUR personal reservations and / or life choices. The only people I advertise to are my target audience, which you are clearly not in - ergo, you should not be viewing my work. If it bothers you, then kindly have the decency to just leave, accept the harsh reality that your opinions don't automatically apply to the rest of the world, and let those who enjoy it, enjoy it.

I am an artist, not a babysitter.
If you're too intellectually impaired to understand what you just read here, allow me to sum it up: Keep your ignorant censorshit and imaginary opinions to yourself, because I don't give a thundering fuck.

If you want to use my art for something, such as putting it in a video etc., just ask. I'm more than likely going to say yes. I just don't appreciate people doing it without asking first; let's be civil about it, okay?

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