The following is a glossary of terms in the Sakura Ruin project by Satur1n Entertainment.


Aenjao - A jungle in the southeast of Geomontis.

Aerynvale - The capital city of Geomontis.

Albion - The vista city of Yntera.

Andro-Machina - One half of the machina race, recognizable by their robotic features.

Arcamelion - Any of nine transformations available to both types of elves, in which the user absorbs arcane energy stored in a crystal, and their body's physical structure temporarily adjusts to reflect properties of the arcana consumed.

Atsu - A slug-like alien species that act as performance-enhancing symbiotes to their Kageba hosts.


Beroborvo - A hot, humid wasteland to the northwest of Mulciber.

Bio-machina - One half of the machina race, recognizable by their mechanical ears.


Calder Reef - A gigantic shoreline to the north of Lemuria.

Camelot - The capital city of Yntera.


Dark Woods - A cursed woodland in the centre of the Great Forest.

The Dead Steppe - A cursed wasteland to the west of Yntera. Demon - A race of strong, tanned humanoids native to Mulciber.


Elf - A race of elegant, light humanoids native to Geomontis.

Esoteric Grimoire - A Paladin Relic that grants the bearer the ability to see a person's complete, detailed past by making contact through skin.


Felcubia - The former central political power in Midgard, now a wasteland in the northwest region.

Felcubian - The now-extinct race of people who occupied Felcubia prior to the Ynteren Uprising.


Gaia - The arcana composed of the Earth, Gravity and Flora elements.

Geomontis - The western nation of Midgard, occupied by elves.

Gold Elf - A variety of the elven race, characterized by bright & warm colours of hair / shades of skin.

The Great Forest - A giant forest to the east of Geomontis.


Hades - The dream city of Mulciber.

Hellion - A transformation available to demons that converts their physical appearance into an armoured form optimized for battle.

Holy - 1. The arcana composed of the Light and Blessing elements. 2. Anything regarded as religiously significant.


Ispidara -



Kageba - An alien species that act as the host body for Atsu symbiotes.

Kagebatsu - 1. An alien species allied with Yntera, composed of Kageba hosts and their Atsu symbiotes. 2. The native language of this species.


Lemuria - The southern nation of Midgard, occupied by machina.

Lofterra - The mysterious floating island in Midgard's skies.

Lofterran - 1. The now-presumed-extinct race that occupied the island of Lofterra prior to the Ynteren Uprising. 2. The native language of Lofterran people.


Machina - The collective native race of Lemuria, composed of bio-machina cyborgs and andro-machina androids.

Magick - An alternative, forbidden system of spellcasting involving bending nature by sacrificing something of equal value to the desired result via ritual.

Magnaya - A lightning-prone mountain range to the north-west of Yntera.

Meta - The arcana composed of the Form and Energy elements. Moro - The arcana composed of the Dark and Curse elements.

Mulciber - The northern nation of Midgard, occupied by demons.


N.C.U / Nano-Cerebral Upgrade - A transformation available to machina of both types that creates armour, a weapon, or a tool, based on their previous experiences and personality for use in battle. Necro - The arcana composed of the Soul and Psychic elements.

Neokin - The first and most common race derived from humans to be placed in Midgard.

New Hazard - The rebuilt dream city of Yntera.

Nightshire - The farming village in Geomontis, known for its exciting nightlife.


Olympus - The capital city of Mulciber.

Old Hazard - The abandoned dream city of Yntera.

Ouroboros - A transformation available to Kagebatsu in which the Atsu's stored power is unleashed in the form of prehensile tentacles.


Paladin Relics - Legendary weapons created and left behind by the historic Paladin's Guild before their sudden disappearance.

Phlogiston - A village in Mulciber, known for its use of fire in attractions and utility.

Plasma - A naturally-occuring blue liquid substance with electrical properties.

Pyro - The arcana composed of the Fire, Heat and Blast elements.


Qun'Draela - The holy city of Yntera.



Sen'Kodremir - The vista city of Mulciber.

Shadow Elf - A variety of the elven race, characterized by dark & cold colours of hair / shades of skin.




V.C.I / Vylectro-Cerebral Implant - A biomechanical augmentation in which a computer system is grafted to the user's nervous system, allowing them to convert matter into data via touch.

Valhalla - The holy city of Mulciber.

Voodoo - An alternative system of spellcasting involving utilizing nature itself to produce a desired effect through bonding with souls of nature. Druids practice the Right Hand (good) while Shamen practice the Left Hand (evil).

Vylectricity - The collective data form of vylectrons.

Vylectron - Artificial particles composed of physical matter converted into electronic data.

Vylectronic - Any machine capable of processing & utilizing vylectrons / vylectricity.




Yntera - The eastern nation of Midgard, occupied by Ynterens.

Ynteren - A race of feline / marsupial humanoids.

Ynteren Empire - The governing power in Midgard, situated in Yntera's capital city Camelot.

Ynterium - A sturdy yet malleable alloy developed by Emperor Milus Chanbara.


Zodiac Sword - A legendary weapon most commonly in the form of a sword, created by smelting thirteen icons of the Zion Zodiac in a magick ritual.

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