Sakura Ruin is a set of designs for various potential video games by Satur1n Entertainment, consisting of two central projects: Sakura Ruin Chronicles and Sakura Ruin Online. The stories of the games revolve around a virtual world named Midgard in an experiment named the Zion Program, and its characters - designed to test the potential of artificial life when placed in a paradise world of science fantasy, on a countdown of 44,444 perceived years.

Sakura Ruin ChroniclesEdit

Sakura Ruin Chronicles is designed as a collective of storylines divided into arcs, revolving around various characters at various points in Midgard's history, and their individual impacts on the world. Planned are the central storyline of the brawler-for-hire Seth Tamayoru, a flashback story of military sniper Mocha Milch, a solo adventure for bounty hunter Vertiga Pendragon, and a past storyline of urchin thief Clest Scarborough.

Sakura Ruin OnlineEdit

Sakura Ruin Online, as the name implies, is designed as an MMORPG set in the Danketsu period of Midgard's history.

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