Midgard is the planet Sakura Ruin revolves around, a highly advanced world created by the Ancients, and home of the Ynterens, humans, elves and demons spread across its four continents. Midgard was created as a testing ground to see how life and civilization would progress without religion, if placed in a paradise with advanced technology. The final creation of the Ancients, combining everything they had previously created and discovered into one perfect world.

Continents, Cities And Countries


The eastern home of the Ynterens, and the technological apex of Midgard. Yntera is more advanced in its science, technology and innovation than any of the continents, and holds some of the greatest military power in the universe. They provide weapons and security for the rest of the planet while priding themselves on their own fortification. Their land defense line at Furywall is considered impenetrable, while they also hold several ocean defense points to the east.

Camelot is the capital city of Yntera, where most of its military force is trained and the majority of its economy centres. Almost impenetrable by any common attackers, Camelot has been referred to by some as a "fortress". Its security is tight and there is a higher abundance of guards than in other cities.

Albion is the holy city of Yntera, and one of the smallest cities in Midgard. It is a relatively peaceful city with a low crime rate, and a popular location for new families. Its sanctum is also the largest in the world.

Qun'Draela is the dream city of Yntera

New Hazard is the vista city of Yntera, built to replace its ruined predecessor, Old Hazard. Its low buildings and frequent firework displays make it stand out from the rest of the Ynteren cities, and


The northern home of the demons, Mulciber is the hottest continent in Midgard and is reputable for its musical and culinary arts. The Mulcibians are renowned for being great artists and creators, but these traits do not stop the demons from retaining their positions as the finest natural athletes and spellcasters.






The northwestern home of the elves, and the largest of the four continents, Geomontis is a land of forests, jungles, mountains, canyons and deserts that supply most of Midgard's natural resources. It is renowned for its fiine carpentry and peace, and draws in a lot of tourism, on which its economy thrives. It has the highest natural supply of pure plasma in the world, with plasma pits all over the continent.




Kaldra's Grave


The southwestern home of the humans, Lemuria is the coldest continent on Midgard. Its progress in armour and extreme survival equipment development, as well as its great supply of exalite, put Lemuria in regular military project collaboration with Yntera, and a large amount of its economy depends on the exalite market from around the planet.





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