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Hacha del Sol

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Cooking, Music, Wrangling


ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder)

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Ashleigh Ball

Kyoko Yagami (八神響 Yagami Kyoko) is the protagonist of the upcoming webcomic Battleaxe.

She is a student in her first year of high school, destined Queen of the Royal Court, wielder of the battleaxe Arma Embrujada: Hacha del Sol and the fourth child to arrive in the Dreamworld.


Raised in a typical Japanese home by strict parents and a highly conservative family descended from 18th century Japanese isolationists, she has had little freedom in her young life, resulting in a personality that is responsible, headstrong and cautious, yet oftentimes cold and cynical. However, her parents' arbitrary pressuring toward learning all manner of traditional Japanese customs, and even learning to play the koto & shamisen, had the adverse effect of causing a rebellious streak in their daughter. Around the age of 11, Kyoko became obsessed with old western culture, in particular movies and fiction with wild west themes of the Americas. She began to learn English by reading books and watching American films, and collecting cowboy paraphernalia. Her older cousin was the only member of the family to support her interests, and returning on a trip from America, brought Kyoko her iconic black & green cowboy hat with a custom-made star and belt buckle. Though she continued to obey her parents' imposed teachings and commands, Kyoko's limited privacy began to fill with collections of old western junk, and her dreams in life turned toward living on a cattle ranch playing her banjo for a living. At home, Kyoko remained in her parents' expectations of a geisha-esque daughter, but in private and among friends she became a rebellious, stubborn tomboy with the mindset of an adventurous cowgirl, to the point she even attached spurs to her rollerblades and began wearing them almost everywhere, along with her hat. However, this was not without cost, as her limited freedom in public and heavily restricted home life caused her to develop a severe case of ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder). Kyoko is now unable to listen to commands from anyone, no matter what authority or position they hold over her. She will now instinctively do the opposite of whatever she is told purely for the sake of rebelling against authority figures, yet is incredibly vulnerable to suggestion and reverse psychology. If she detects the possibility of making her own decision about a situation, and is subtly influenced toward a choice and told not to do the opposite, she can be made to do whatever the influencer desires with little question about the outcome.

Hacha del Sol

Kyoko is the chosen wielder of Arma Embrujada: Hacha del Sol, a giant battleaxe that gains power from sunlight and weakness from moonlight, causing it to become lighter / heavier and sharper / duller respectively. As all the Armas Embrujada have the cursed power of dragging out the wielder's deepest, most secret feelings whenever the wielder feels the will to fight, Kyoko's personality transforms from a loyal, kind, strong-minded leader into a homicidal maniac with no regard for the life or value of anyone she has not previously considered an ally. This is due to a traumatic event in her past that planted a seed of bloodthirsty insanity. Once there is no apparent reason to fight anymore, the effect wears off and Kyoko's personality returns to normal, with only dream-like memories of the events that unfolded while under the influence of the Hacha del Sol.


Kyoko develops a variety of combat techniques along the series, utilizing both her growing skill with the weapon's basic uses, and the advanced functions that harness the power of the sun.

Brunswick Lunatic - A savage attack meant as a finisher, Kyoko leaps into the air spinning on her side with the Hacha del Sol swinging around for a vertical chop.

Ragin' Cajun - A crude attack that charges a moderate amount of solar power into the Hacha del Sol, then releases it as a sharp-edged shockwave that burns all in its path.

Serpentine Fire - Kyoko charges the Hacha del Sol with a large amount of solar power, aiming the axe's eye at a distant target before releasing the charging trigger. The result is a powerful long-range beam of focused light that can be seen from outer space.

The Way Of The World - Kyoko plants the Hacha del Sol in the ground upside-down with her finger on its charging mechanism, using the axe as a pivot to avoid incoming attacks. Once its power has been charged to the point of burning anything within a ten foot radius, Kyoko swings the axe around in a 360 degree continuous spin, releasing all the stored power in a blazing whirlwind that incinerates everything around it that isn't covered by darkness.


  • Despite being heavily influenced by country music, old western figures and wild west fiction, a large amount of Kyoko's design is a subtle reference to the band Earth, Wind & Fire's discography. This can be seen in her birthday month being September (the exact date being chosen in homage to American lawman / detective Charlie Siringo), the word "Kalimba" printed on both her skates, her techniques "Serpentine Fire", and "The Way Of The World", and her silver necklace being the letters MW, in reference to Maurice White, founding member of Earth, Wind & Fire.
  • The kanji for Kyoko's name is written as 響 (echo), referenced when Sabio refers to her as "The child who will send echoes of revolution through the world".
  • Her techniques "Ragin' Cajun" and "Brunswick Lunatic" are a nod at the Jason Aldean song "She's Country".
  • Kyoko ignores Sabio's insistence that she call him by his name, and instead refers to him as "Amos", as she always wanted a cat named Amos. This is a reference to the Jerry Reed song "Amos Moses".
  • Her voice is written in English in the style of a stereotypical south American accent, a joke regarding her being raised in Okinawa. This is a reference to Azumanga Daioh.
  • Kyoko's accent is also inspired by the work of voice actress Ashleigh Ball, particularly on the character Applejack in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
  • One scene has Kyoko falling upside-down while learning to use the Steamblades, sampling a joke by Irish comedian Dara Ó Briain, when thought bubbles from her brain show the left side thinking "Oh Jesus, you're falling, you're falling!" and the right side thinking "Make the face! Make the face!". The joke in particular is from Ó Briain's DVD "This Is The Show".
  • Kyoko's catchphrase "Kiss My Country Ass" is a reference to the Blake Shelton song of the same name.

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