The Dreamworld is a mysterious, alien world that serves as the main setting of the upcoming webcomic Battleaxe. It appears to be a peculiar amalgam of various cultures of Earth, both modern and ancient but fixed up in steampunk-esque style, and is divided into six city-like dominions and their extended territories containing various settlements & towns, with free land known as the Frontier between them on one giant land mass with only a few smaller islands surrounding it. The world itself is populated by humanoid people that call themselves "Metajin" and has no official name, being dubbed "The Dreamworld" by Kyoko Yagami when she still believes she is in a dream.


Fortitudo - The giant capital city of the Dreamworld, literally meaning "strength" in Latin. At the centre of its walls lies the Royal Palace, home of the Royal Court that rule over all the Dreamworld's lands. The city is surrounded by the land of Chalybs, an unpredictable outdoor labyrinth of underground factories, mining sites and intricate fortresses.

Honora - A seemingly endless network of homes ruled by the Shiningfeather tribe, this hive-like structure lies at the centre of the forest land of Anima and begins on the surface, deceptively appearing as little more than a hamlet, but continues for many miles underground, accessible only by the soul-projection power of the metajin.

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