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All-Round: You don't care for labels and try to see everything from two sides. You're not easily prone to anger and you choose to just get on with your life in honesty and abiding by the law. Some may call you boring, but you'd rather just be yourself than stand out. You value your friends and family above anything else and try to make the best out of any situation.

Childish: You are hyperactive, fun-loving and easily entertained, though rather immature. You are prone to jumping and running around a lot, and radiate with endless optimism. Many people believe you are on a constant sugar rush, and that's probably true, but being simple-minded and naive is a small price to pay for having fun and brightening up everyone's day.

Hero: You think of yourself as a shining example of justice, existing to protect the downtrodden and weak. You are incredibly tenacious and energetic, and jump at any opportunity to prove your strength. You may be a hard-headed showoff, but your heart is always in the right place. Though you don't always listen to what others say, preferring to act on an impulsive sense of justice.

Intellectual: You prefer to spend your days studying, often having your head buried in a book. Your stoic attitude and unbreakable cool disposition earn you the respect and sometimes fear of many. While your grades excel and you can talk your way out of most situations, you have few friends and your ability to fight is best described as "lacking".

Queen Bitch / King Dick: Your energy may be overflowing, but your respect for others is sadly rock-bottom. You love being the centre of attention and being in charge, and won't tolerate anyone telling you otherwise. Getting your way is paramount and you have no qualms about pointing out the failure of others. You make a fine leader, but sacrifice friendship for it.

Loner: You don't care for the company of others, and while you carry a major inferiority complex, you can't help but looking at other people as idiots who don't understand you. You have slightly lacking grades due to poor school attendance, but this allows you to see the darker side in people and examine the finer points of conversation. You have no friends but like it better that way.

Highbrow: Your family and peers expect great things of you and look to you as an example, and while you're not often content with being the first choice for social interaction, you accept your duty and try your best to stay the course, enduring the pressure and stress in the name of honour and respect. You know that staving off temptation is for the best.

Rebel: You show no respect for your peers or superiors, the law or any form of authority. You live for the thrill and are seen as a troublemaker, playing pranks and breaking laws just because you can. You have no problem starting a fight, stealing or breaking into a person's safe just for the sake of fun. You operate mostly alone but are good at threatening others into doing your bidding.

Bully: Your personal frustrations are the root of your endless anger, and you see no other way to make yourself feel better than picking on those weaker than yourself. You like to show off in front of your sycophant cronies and are feared by everyone around you as a common thug who won't think twice about punching someone's face in if they even look at you the wrong way.

Meathead: You love sports, training and martial arts, but at the slight lack of your grades. You see yourself as a gentle giant, even if you're not that tall or muscular, and while you're rather slow and simple, you enjoy your life and live to win. Your excellent results in physical activities may contrast the shortcomings of your intelligence, but that means nothing when you know what you're good at.


Jane Doe / John Doe: You didn't have a particularly interesting upbringing. Your family are working class and you've been raised as best as your family have time to teach you. You like to live each day as it comes and know to appreciate what you've got, but you aspire for more in life.

Straight and narrow: You've been raised by a middle-class family to be an upright, honest person who'll do their best to get by and achieve well. You were always taught to forgive and forget, and to see the goodness in people. You grew up comfortably and loved, and wish everyone could just get along.

Daddy's little princess / prince: You grew up being spoiled and pampered by your father as your mother was never around, and this in turn has made you slightly selfish and insensitive. You don't like things not going your way and are likely to throw a tantrum or sulk in the event you don't get what you want.

Downtrodden: You were never really cared for by your poor, unrespectable parents and peers, and you moved home several times over the years. You've learned to rely on your own abilities and not trust others, and this has left you cynical and bitter.

Self-Raising: From a young age you were expected to help the family get by, having to take on roles of adults. You've learned guts and independence from this, and are able to take care of yourself in most situations.

Blue Blood: You were born into a high-class family who expected only the utmost success and highest standards of you. Your own standards are very high and you take a leaf from your family's book, never tolerating an inch of failure in you or anyone else's endeavors.

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