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Cristina Valenzuela

Chiharu Matsuki (松木千春 Matsuki Chiharu) is the deuteragonist of the upcoming webmanga Battleaxe.

Like her classmates, Chiharu is in her first year of high school, destined Princess of the Royal Court, wielder of the revolvers Armas Embrujada: Pistolas del Viento and the second child to arrive in the Dreamworld.


Chiharu is the only daughter of two upper-class parents, her father an attorney and her mother a respected artist. As such, her parents have always been busy balancing work and raising their children, and Chiharu has mostly relied on her family's servants her entire life. This, combined with a lot time to do whatever she likes and her father's doting over-compensation for not being around for her and having no concept of discipline, with her mother never taking much notice of her, has resulted in Chiharu becoming incredibly selfish, lazy, stubborn and spoiled rotten. She detests work of any kind, hates being told what to do unless there is some kind of incentive, and prefers to abandon her chores & tasks to play video games and practice using makeup or playing with the hair on her mannequins. She has grown up with the lifestyle of a princess, and is prone to throwing loud, eccentric tantrums when she doesn't get her way or is made to do something she doesn't want to. Yet despite this childish behaviour, Chiharu still believes she is just doing what anyone would. This is because her behaviour causes people to dislike her, and pushes them away. She has become so used to this mindset and lifestyle that she does not even notice that she has no friends, thinking she is still a popular idol at her school because of her cute looks. The only person who has never disliked her is Kyoko Yagami, but Chiharu is unaware that this is purely because Kyoko never takes any notice of her to begin with.

Pistolas del VientoEdit

Chiharu is the chosen, but reluctant at first, wielder of Armas Embrujada: Pistolas del Viento, a pair of revolvers that increase in accuracy, rate of fire and piercing power as the wielder's movement speed increases. As all the Armas Embrujada have the cursed power of dragging out the wielder's deepest, most secret feelings whenever the wielder feels the will to fight, Chiharu's personality transforms from a pathetic, cowardly, arrogant brat into a sadistic dominatrix who apparently gains pleasure from algolagnia, drawing on her repressed feelings of sexual desire that came with her semi-strict upbringing of being told how to behave by narrow-minded authority figures. Once she is satisfied that a fight can bring no more pleasure, Chiharu's personality returns to normal and she carries only embarrassing dream-like memories of what has transpired while under the influence of the Pistolas del Viento. The difference in Chiharu's activation of her transformed battle personality is that unlike most people who realize what a weapon is and understand they need to fight, Chiharu has to be urged into having no other alternative as she believes "A lady shouldn't engage in such barbaric behaviour". This is, in fact, a coverup for the fact she is simply lazy and does not want to learn how to use a gun. It is more about the effort of learning than the principle of using a weapon.


Chiharu's techniques and overall skill are severely limited at first, but as she grows as a person, her talents with the Armas Embrujada: Pistolas del Viento increase dramatically until she surpasses the other children and becomes an equal match for Kyoko.

Bulletstorm - Chiharu leaps into the air and fires a random volley of shots in all directions, spinning upside-down with her arms outstretched. The momentum of her initial kickoff into the air charges the Pistolas del Viento for additional powered-up damage.

Great Journey - Chiharu studies her enemies briefly before luring them all together and performing a stylish sequence of shots and pistol-whips that strike every vital point on the enemies' bodies, leaving them paralyzed or fatally wounded.

Super Mushroom - An advanced technique that utilizes the Pistolas del Viento's transformed state as a rocket launcher to fire an explosive charge at an enemy, resembling a firework as the target is propelled into the sky, followed by a giant explosion that resembles a fat mushroom.

Skull Heart - The more twisted finisher of Chiharu's skillset, intended for inflicting maximum pain on a single target before death. She fires both guns at the feet of the target, then the kneecaps, then the shoulders to knock the target on their back, before leaping into the air with a forward somersault increasing the Pistolas del Viento's power, and firing just before landing on the target's chest, blasting their lungs to pieces. As she lands with a single foot on the stomach of the target, crushing it, the result is a pair of wounds and imprint in the torso that slightly resemble a skull.

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