Battleaxe is an upcoming webcomic by Satur1n Entertainment, set for release on 2013/10/31. It is an action comedy / ecchi / adventure story that focuses on a group of high school students who, as the result of a weather anomaly, are transported to a mysterious world to fight the forces of evil. The story regularly breaks the fourth wall, parodies itself despite having serious undertones, satirizes real-world affairs, and references pop culture & underground media for added comedic effect.


The story of Battleaxe revolves around a small group of teenagers led by protagonist Kyoko Yagami, who are caught in the centre of a catastrophic weather anomaly in the middle of a school trip to a ski resort. After the initial disaster, Kyoko awakens in a strange new world, in the middle of a forest. She is soon greeted by a small talking cat-like creature that refers to himself as Sabio the Wise, though Kyoko refers to him as "Amos". Through a series of events, Kyoko discovers she is the chosen wielder of a legendary weapon, Arma Embrujada: Hacha del Sol, that prophecies have foretold she and other children will appear to defeat the Dark Court, an evil group of six powerful warlords and their minions led by the "Dark Regent" that have taken over the world and plunged it into darkness, and that Kyoko is destined to become Queen after the Dark Court are defeated and the Royal Court's power is restored. Kyoko dubs this world "The Dreamworld" as she is uncertain if it is real, and after much coercion, follows Sabio's advice and begins her quest to fulfill her duty, seeking out the other children who have arrived in the Dreamworld.


Kyoko Yagami (八神響 Yagami Kyoko) - Main article: Kyoko Yagami

Leader of the central party, Kyoko is headstrong and loyal, kind and responsible, although extremely cynical and sarcastic. She wields the Arma Embrujada: Hacha del Sol, a giant battleaxe made more powerful by solar energy that transform her personality into that of a bloodthirsty psychopath, and she takes responsibility for ensuring the party's quest continues progressing, maintaining stability between the children's conflicting personalities.

Chiharu Matsuki (松木千春 Matsuki Chiharu) - Main article: Chiharu Matsuki

Deuteragonist of the story, Chiharu is a lazy, selfish, spoiled brat raised like a princess and doted on by her father. She wields the Armas Embrujada: Pistolas del Viento, a pair of revolvers that increase in accuracy, R.O.F and piercing power as the wielder moves faster, and transform her personality into a sadistic dominatrix. She provides mostly comic relief with her childish personality, but is pure & sincere at heart.

Hayate Koga (久我家颯 Koga Hayate) - Main article: Hayate Koga

Hayate is a classmate of Kyoko & Chiharu who joins the party soon after Chiharu. He is a single-minded, creepy, nerdy pervert on the outside, but when he wields the Armas Embrujada: Teladros del Suelo, his personality transforms into that of a brave, handsome, silver-tongued superhero-esque figure parodying both typical tokusatsu series, and satiring the Twilight series.

Makkitotosimew "Mew" de la Shiningfeather (マッキトトシメワのシニングフェアトヘル Makitotosimiu no Shainingufeza) - Main article: Mew de la Shiningfeather

Makkitotosimew, dubbed "Mew" by those who feel her name is too long to repeat over and over, is the metajin princess of the Shiningfeather tribe. She is innocent and naive to a fault, not even knowing what death is when she appears, and not realizing she can use her twin daggers to kill, only as tools. She is the only main character to not wield an Arma Embrujada.


Battleaxe will be free to read at the following accounts owned by Satur1n.


Fur Affinity



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